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Tips and Tricks for the Beginner

"Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once." Lee Wulff

Here is a great teaching video on how to release a fish without damaging it. If you are a beginning angler, this will give you and invaluable orientation in how to preserve our fisheries for those who come after you. Dave

Fly Fishing Trout - Catch and Release Tips & Techniques Catch and release is crucial to the survival of our fisheries and our sport. Besides ...

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Avid Fly-Fishers - If you are looking for accessories to help you catch more fish, check out our catalog. For twenty years, Titeline has been supplying premium floatants, dessicants and line cleaners to make you more successful.


Retailers and Wholesalers - If you are looking for competitive pricing and quality service, call Customer Service at 877-862-7899 to open a commercial account. You can also fill out the on-line application to open an account and have access to internet ordering at your own convenience.


Branding Services - If you are a retailer or distributor and want to expand your own line of product offerings, check out the four-step process to develop your own line of accessories. To learn more about this service, call Customer Service at 877-862-7899. Also, get a more detailed description of the process at this link - Private Labeling.

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