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Tips and Tricks for the Beginner

"Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once." Lee Wulff

Here is a great teaching video on how to release a fish without damaging it. If you are a beginning angler, this will give you and invaluable orientation in how to preserve our fisheries for those who come after you. Dave

Fly Fishing Trout - Catch and Release Tips & Techniques

http://www.lelandfly.com/In-Stock/Teach-Someone-to-Fly-Fish-Leland.html Catch and release is crucial to the survival of our fisheries and our sport. Besides ...

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About Us


personel bio pic (John Seidel):

The concepts behind Tite Line Fishing began thirty years ago when John Seidel's father, a retired insurance salesman, blew up his basement in an effort to invent a good fly floatant. When the firemen arrived to rescue John's dad, he ran them off claiming he didn't need their help. John apparently inherited his dad's entrepreneurial spirit. Because a few years later, he openned his own fly shop, started his guide service and developed the original powder that both dries and waterproofs dry flies.

He manufactured his original invention in a jewelry stone tumbler and sold it to friends and at fishing shows. As his orders grew, he graduated his process to a cement mixer and continued to develop other products like his temperature stable grease floatant, fly sinkant and fly pre-treatment.

His career eventually took him out of the fly shop business as he moved into boat sales and eventually into retail management with Home Depot.

The Tite Line Fishing brand went through a transition and left the market for a couple of years.

It has now returned under new management.

personel bio pic (Dave Hicks):

Dave Hicks comes from a background in accounting and operations management. His fishing history has been exclusively with spinning tackle in Texas lakes and coastal waters. He became acquainted with John Seidel at the Fly Fishing Retailers Exposition in 2006. They worked together on launching a business selling an innovative sleeping bag liner.

Then, in 2008, John asked Dave to take on the marketing of the Tite Line Fishing brand. He agreed and teamed up with Rocky George to re-vitalize the brand.

In 2016, Dave retired and passed the business to Todd Tovey.

personel bio pic (Todd Tovey):

Todd Tovey is a long-time sportsman in Utah.

In 2016 he agreed to take over the Titeline Fishing Products business and is now serving customers.




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